About Us

The Taco Pacifico Story

Born and raised in New York, I was always drawn to the palm tree-lined landscape and laid back lifestyle of southern California.  (New York, not laid back??)  As soon as I graduated from Boston University with a film degree in 1999, I headed straight to LA.  I quickly found work as a game show audience member, ordered to applaud the un-funniest of jokes.  That gig didn’t last too long.  Then I enrolled in a Cordon Bleu program at the California School of Culinary Arts in Pasadena.  After a month of heavy cream sauces and incessant belittling by my Gordon Ramsay-headed chef, I dropped out.  Fed up with the establishment, the entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and I found myself writing a book on my favorite anti-establishment duo – Cheech & Chong!  In order to capture the essence of this work, I planted myself in a different taquería (taco joint) each day.  By the time I’d completed and self-publishing The Cheech & Chong Bible, I had inadvertently acquired a bibliography of recipes for genuine Mexican cuisine.  Who needed culinary school?

Catered to New England…

One decade later, I was married (to my SoCal sweetheart) with child, settled along Connecticut’s Shoreline.  What my wife & I found completely unsettling, however, was the lack of authentic Mexican food around.  Moving back to the west coast just for great tacos seemed slightly impractical, so I started a tiny catering business called Taco Pacifico instead.  Word spread quickly about my homemade tortilla chips and fresh salsas.  Not surprisingly, many California transplants throughout the Shoreline began coming out of the woodworks, begging me to open a takeout restaurant.  Operating a taquería has always been a dream of mine (and still is), but was completely out of the question at this stage of the business.  Thankfully, there was a more manageable solution…

The Taco Cart

On July 31st 2010, Taco Pacifico opened its first serving window – literally – in the parking lot of Dino’s Car Wash in Madison, CT.  From day one, it was a huge success: we were featured in The New York Times, The New Haven Advocate and The E-List. Due to the inevitable change in weather, I decided to serve our last taco on October 15, 2010.

The Taco Trailer

In the Spring of 2011, Taco Pacifico reopened at Dino’s in a big, bright orange food trailer.  An opening day accident left me with a broken foot, compromising my ability to do much more than work the window.  This setback was compounded by the loss of my beloved mother a month and a half later.  Amidst the physical and emotional hardships endured, I knew I had to keep at it and build the business.  Summer festivals, craft shows and people’s front lawns all across the state became the new hotspots.  After two prosperous seasons, I decided to retire the big, bright orange trailer in exchange for a truck, whose ease of mobility would allow me to serve my community more.

The Taco Truck
2013 was a HUGE success!


So stop by and check us out.  Have a couple tacos.  Then have a couple more.  But leave some room for a bag of Amorinas, our signature tortilla chips.  And of course you’ll need a little pico de gallo and fresh guacamole to go with it.  Okay, okay, I’ll stop.


Thank you for your continued patronage and love of my food over the years – this is only the beginning…


Greg Sharon

Founder and Owner