Mobile Vending


How It Works

If you would like us to come to your office building to sell food on a weekday, we require a financial guarantee ranging from $1,000-$1500 based on location.  If our sales fall short of this number, we will need to charge your company the difference.  This service is available March through October.  If you are comfortable with this arrangement and would like to learn more, please read our FAQ below.


Q: How do I set this up?

A: Please email and write VENDING as the subject.  Include a contact name and number in the body, as well as a desired date (if you have one in mind) and your request will be answered within 1 business day.  Once a date has been mutually established, we will send over an agreement.

Q: How will we know if we’ve met the quota?

A: At the end of the shift, our crew will share a live sales report.  Rest assured, our cashiers are required to enter every sale into the POS system and we have cameras inside our mobile vending units to monitor theft.

Q: If the quota hasn’t been met, can you stay longer until it has?

A: Due to factors such as labor costs, traffic and evening commitments, our crew must begin breaking down at the time listed on our agreement.

Q: Can we advertise to neighboring businesses that Taco Pacifico will be vending at our location?

A: ABSOLUTELY!  The more, the merrier:-)  But always best to notify us in advance in order to ensure we load enough food on board.

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